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    1. Welcome to the lost galaxy! Among this world within a world, there are many planets, and a vast space still unexplored. The Terran race found themselves lost in this galaxy after years of traveling to a planet they seeked to colonize, only to end up lost. There have also been rumors of other races among the unexplored planets, but nobody seems to know if they really exist or not. With the risk of war around each corner, and the threats of what lies in the unknown, many of been seeking to reach other top, and become the best among everyone else.

      Do you think you have what it takes to be among the best!
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      1. 03/20/13, 04:50:53:
        Added message box to mini chat instead of just a link to join the chat. 03/18/13, 19:34:19:
        Updated the mini chat, added new PM sound when inside chat. 03/18/13, 16:59:54:
        Increased the time it takes to study each class in the research facility. 03/18/13, 15:24:02:
        Also, chat sorting on the bottom like everyone seems to love is now fully functional without issues. 03/18/13, 15:23:33:
        With the chat entirely stable and everything now, PM functions have been returned. 03/18/13, 05:45:06:
        A few more stability adjustments and cross browser compatibility adjustments. 03/18/13, 04:41:55:
        Spent a good amount of time reworking the chat, and making it more stable. 03/16/13, 12:43:14:
        Corrected some minor forum browsing location issues.